Our History

A Legacy of Faith, A Future of Unity

The rich tapestry of Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church

 The architectural journey of Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church is a story of resilience and community spirit. Over five transformative decades, the worship center was rebuilt and remodeled three times, each phase spearheaded by dedicated individuals who left an indelible mark on the church’s history. A Legacy of Faith, A Future of Unity” since 1859.


Founding Years: The Birth of a Legacy

In 1859, six years before the abolition of slavery in the United States through the 13th Amendment, a visionary group purchased an acre of land from Pina McGrew to establish a worship center. Thus, Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church was born. The humble wooden building became a sanctuary where “all are welcome in the presence of Jesus.”

The Restoration Project


Under the leadership of Deacons J. McMillian, Ed Hayes, and W. Hunter, the church underwent its first significant restoration in 1911. L.M. Smith served as the church clerk during this period, and Reverend Willis Forbes was the guiding pastoral force.


The Rebuild

In 1918, a new chapter began with the rebuilding of the church. Deacons J. Huggins, H. Robbins, J. Gilbert, and P. Gains took the helm. Ed Hayes continued his role as church clerk, and Reverend Rhodes assumed pastoral duties.

The Remodel


July 1943 saw another transformation. Deacons Ed Hayes, Mose Lewis, Willie Seay, Tom Bonner, W.L. Stewart, Egbert Sewer, Sr., and Willie Cunningham led the remodeling efforts. Bernice Little served as the church clerk, and Reverend J.B. Williams was the pastor.


The Block Building and Educational Annex

In 1959, the present block building was erected. Deacons Jim Huggins, E. Mitchell, R. Wells, Egbert Sewer, Sr., Mose Lewis, Egbert Sewer, Jr., Ed Hayes, and E.L. Stewart were instrumental in this phase. Bernice Marshall was the church clerk, and Reverend Raymond Webster was the pastor. The educational annex began under Reverend Webster and was completed in 1966 under Reverend Samuel Jenkins, who also added the baptismal pool.

The 2006 Expansion


In 2006, under Pastor Reverend Lamon Forrest, additional land was acquired to accommodate the church’s growth. Deacons Ernest Savage, Horace Madison, Clinton Hayes, Sr., George Washington, Sr., Alex Gordon, Eddie L. Pritchett, Alfredo Sewer, and Culmon Dixon played key roles. Trustees included Brother Leroy Biel, Sr., William Hayden, Sr., and Joseph Williams.

For over 160 years, this congregation has continued to worship and praise Jesus The Christ, guided by the words of Matthew 18:19-20: “If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you. For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”

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