Leadership and Unity: The Pillars of Mt. Pisgah

Where Leaders Inspire, Ministries Empower, and Believers Shine

Under Shepherds: The Pillars of Faith

The spiritual journey of Mt. Pisgah has been guided by 17 remarkable Under Shepherds. Our first pastor, Reverend Willis Forbes, set the tone with his 26-year tenure. He was succeeded by a series of dedicated pastors: Reverend West, Reverend Perkins, Reverend English, Reverend Rhodes, Reverend Sam Pore, Reverend J. Smith, Reverend Donihue, Reverend C.W. Wilson, and Reverend Williams.

Special mention goes to Reverend Raymond Webster, who served for 15 years, and Reverend Samuel Jenkins, who led us for 12 years. Reverend J.C. Richardson followed with a 7-year tenure, Reverend Horace Carter served for 4 years, and Reverend Bobby Young for 5 years.

In 1994, the late Pastor Reverend Lamon Forrest took the helm, faithfully guiding us for an incredible 27 years. Today, we are blessed to have Reverend Tony Hayden, who continues to nourish our spirits with knowledge and understanding.

About Pastor Hayden

Reverend William A. Hayden, Jr.


(251) 865-4652


Reverend William A. Hayden, Jr. was born to the late William A. Hayden, Sr. and Mattie L. Hayden of Grand Bay, Alabama where he is a member of the Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church.He is married to Mrs. Anne G Hayden. They are proud parents of two daughters Cecelia and Danielle Powe, one son, Anthony Hayden. The very proud grandparents of twelve grandchildren.Reverend Hayden was reared at Mt Pisgah Baptist Church. He became a Sunday School teacher in 1999, a Trustee in 2000 and a Deacon in 2002 all under the leadership of Pastor Lamon Forrest.

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Due to a promotion of his job, Reverend Hayden and his family moved to Albany Georgia in 2006 and joined Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor R.O. Calhoun. He served as a dedicated deacon until his job once again promoted and transferred them to Columbus, Georgia. Shortly after moving Reverend Hayden and his family joined Greater Beallwood Baptist Church in 2008. Reverend Hayden served on the deacon board, was a New Members class instructor, a Sunday School teacher, an Assistant Scout leader for boy scouts, and the Inspirational counselor for the Brotherhood ministry under the leadership of Pastor Willie L. Hill until his retirement then under Pastor Adrian Chester.

Reverend Hayden and his family moved back to Mobile, Alabama after the passing of his father, Bro William A Hayden, Sr. He and Sis Hayden rejoined Mt. Pisgah in 2016 and he accepted his call into the ministry in February of 2017 and was licensed under the leadership of Pastor Lamon Forrest in April of 2017. After the passing of Pastor Lamon Forrest in 2021, Reverend William Hayden became the interim pastor until he was voted as Pastor on February 14, 2022. Reverend Hayden has never wavered from his relationship with the Almighty God and working for the Kingdom through prayer, preaching and teaching. Reverend Hayden looks forward to unifying, empowering and growing God’s people to the knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.

Deacons and Trustees: The Hands and Feet of the Church

The strength and stability of Mt. Pisgah have been upheld by an extraordinary group of deacons and trustees, who have served as the backbone of our church community. From the early days with Deacon J. McMillian to our current team, their contributions have been invaluable in both administrative and spiritual matters.

Our roster of dedicated servants includes Deacon Ed Hayes, Deacon W. Hunter, Deacon L.M. Smith, Deacon J. Huggins, Deacon H. Robbins, Deacon J. Gilbert, Deacon P. Gains, Deacon Mose Lewis, Deacon Willie Seay, Deacon Tom Bonner, Deacon W.L. Stewart, Deacon Egbert Sewer, Sr., and Deacon Willie Cunningham. We’ve also been blessed with the steadfast support of Sister Bernice Little and Sister Bernice Marshall.

In more recent years, Deacon Ernest Savage, Deacon Horace Madison, Deacon Clinton Hayes, Sr., Deacon George Washington, Sr., Deacon Alex Gordon, Deacon Eddie L. Pritchett, Deacon Alfredo Sewer, and Deacon Culmon Dixon have joined this honorable list. Our trustees, Brother Leroy Biel, Sr., Brother William Hayden, Sr., and Brother Joseph Williams, have also been pillars of support.

Each of these men and women has left an indelible mark on our community, and their legacy continues to inspire and guide us through the work of their descendants who remain active in our church.

Strong Servants: The Heart of Our Church Family

Mt. Pisgah is not just a church; it’s a family. We’ve been blessed with strong men and women who have served faithfully, creating a legacy that forms a great cloud of witnesses, continually inspiring us to grow in faith and unity.

Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Youth Leaders, and Volunteers: The Lifeblood of Our Church Family

  • The Men’s Ministry emphasizes spiritual growth, mentorship, and community service.
  • Our Women’s Ministry focuses on spiritual enrichment, mentorship, and community outreach, empowering women to be pillars of faith and service.
  • Our Youth Ministry instill values of faith, community, and service from a young age.
  • Together with our dedicated volunteers, they are the heartbeat of our church family.

At Mt. Pisgah, we strive to be a body of True Believers who shine all the time, finding joy even in life’s trials by connecting to Jesus. We are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission, making disciples of all nations and teaching them the ways of the Lord. We warmly invite you to join our incredible family, adding to its legacy and unity as we serve God and community together, living out our vision and mission every day.